Golden Years In-Home Care


Putting life in their years and peace in your mind

Golden Years In-Home Care is devoted to assisting those in the Eastern Madera County area who are in need of home health care or to assist those who are primary care givers and need help or timely assistance. Whether due to mobility issues, restricted health conditions, or for any other reason, we strive to assist you in caring for your loved one in the comfort and security of their familiar surroundings. From assisting with the basic activities of daily living, through obtaining and charting vital signs such as temperature pulse and respirations, to handling end of life issues with compassion and dignity, we are here to help.

Primary Care Giver Assistance

On occasion we have clients whose loved ones do not want them to be in the hospital alone for any amount of time, or sometimes due to employment or family obligations the family may not be able to be present during the day, when the physicians make their rounds. We are often called upon because the family would like someone who can ask questions or get a status update from a physician. We can sit in the hospital and assist you in that vital communication process, providing that we have an authorization for release of medical information. We provide this service as health care advocates.

Wound Care & Prevention

We are skilled in preventing injuries and wounds. If there are pre-existing wounds and/or decubitus ulcers present, with the consent of the primary caregiver(s) and a client’s healthcare provider, we are capable of assisting the wound in the healing process through prescribed cleansing, medicating, dressing and bandaging. Assistance with Ostomy care and maintenance is also offered.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia

My sharp and astute observational skills come into focus when caring for a demented, brain injured, or Alzheimer’s patient. Years of experience have given me the ability to engage all my senses to manage and assist those afflicted by these debilitating conditions. I have been blessed with a great ability to think outside the box to create ways to accomplish the daily tasks that need to be accomplished, but may be met with resistance by a neurologically impaired client. Bathing, grooming, toileting and feeding can all be accomplished without much resistance when an experienced and creative caregiver comes on board.

Medication & Diet

The diabetic patient may need any or all of the following modalities of care: specialized dietary restrictions, assistance checking glucose levels, assistance taking prescribed medications, wound and eye care and circulation assistance. Be assured that we can assist you in helping your loved one maintain a more consistent health pattern with continued observation and care. A client with End Stage Renal Disease or who is on dialysis may also require some of the above modalities, usually with tighter restrictions on diet and medication. It does take much effort on the part of the client, primary caregivers and in-home caregivers, but it can be accomplished!

Hospital Discharge Care

Often a client returns home from the hospital needing specialized care for some period of time. Due to employment or family obligations, sometimes family members are unable to devote the time necessary for a full and complete recovery from the hospitalizing condition. Skilled at assessing the whole person, we are able to assist the client back to the best state of health that can realistically be achieved.

Charting & Consultations

On occasion a family is suddenly called upon to care for a relative and they have no idea where to begin. Consulting is available to assist you in preparing to take on this unexpected event. We usually meet with the family in the place where the client will be residing. We can suggest furnishings, toileting and feeding techniques and equipment that may assist you to be of the most help to your family member. We can assist you in the sometimes difficult transition to becoming full time caregivers.

CPR & First Aid Trainer

As a former trainer of CPR and first aid instructors, I am well skilled and certified in the performance of CPR and first aid techniques. I am able to anticipate any obstacles to effective CPR and plan ahead for those eventualities. Employing techniques of anticipation into my instruction, I was sought after as an instructor for companies such as Clovis Adult School, Harris Ranch, Asplundh and Davey Tree companies. It is still rewarding to have past class members call me to tell me of how they used their skill sets to save a life, many times of someone they loved.


Many times a client has no desire to eat or drink. I have many years of experience in planning and preparing beautifully presented, nutritionally dense, home cooking. There are many techniques I employ to encourage a patient to want to eat. I am also able to observe if a client is simply unable to eat. Sometimes it is a dental, salivary, swallowing, stomach, or sense of smell problem. I attack each and every obstacle with keen observation and a lunchbox of ideas that have worked for a variety of clients over the years. Be assured that in this day and age, there are a multitude of ways to achieve caloric intake that will nourish the body.

Activities of Daily Living

Bathing and cleansing the skin is essential in the care of a client. The skin is the body’s largest organ and is one of the first in the line of defense against pathogens and disease. In the elderly, regular bathing and cleansing is made more difficult due to mobility issues or fear of falling, difficulty in regulating body temperature, the hesitation of the client to be nude in front of a family member or stranger, and other limitations. A skilled, seasoned professional will be able to regularly perform or assist the client in these activities. Whether using a tub, shower or sponge bath, it is essential to cleanse the skin, especially the areas of the body that come in contact with saliva, sweat, urine, and/or feces. The skin of the elderly becomes dry and “crepe-y”, and more prone to injury. We strive to cleanse, re-moisturize, and protect the skin. Assisting with shampooing or shaving sometimes sets the tone for the client’s entire day.

C.O.P.E Service
Check On Parent(s) Everyday

For a small weekly fee, we will check on your loved one in person every day of the week. If necessary, we would contact you to advise you of anything that seems amiss or neglected.

An example may be that your parent forgets to eat or take medications. When we arrive, we gently remind and encourage your loved one to perform the necessary task(s). This service will not include bathing, or cleaning. If a light, quick meal is prepared by us, we will clean up after ourselves before leaving.

Our visit will not necessarily be the same time every day and will last ˝ hour or less. If your loved one needs more time, we will call for authorization before remaining longer than ˝ hour. Our standard rate would then apply.