Golden Years In-Home Care


I have been working in the medical field for more than 40 years now and I feel called, both by passion and by experience, to care for those adults in our community who have a hard time caring for themselves, or are unable to care for themselves. This includes coming alongside primary care givers who feel the need for professional assistance, who may be feeling the stress of constantly caring for a loved one 24 hours a day, or who need the assistance of a knowledgeable, competent person to be responsible for their charge while they run errands, go to doctor appointments, attend meetings, etc.

I am fully experienced in the following areasÖ

Ö and many others.

I can and do work within the parameters of client-preferred alternative or holistic healthcare. I also accommodate a clientís religious preferences as well.

Sometimes my client list is so long that there are not enough hours in a day for ME to care for them all. I like to say “Iím a big girl, but I donít spread that thin”. When I am facing this type of situation I call on a few special caregivers who have become my team members and friends. These are ladies I have met by caring for their loved ones or working together on mutual clients. We all work well together as a team for the benefit of our clients. I will look at my client base and take into account what each client requires in the way of services and then call in the co-worker whom I feel would be a match for a client and their individual needs. The client always has the choice of their caregiver, although first come, first choice does apply. I know these ladies in many different ways, and would never recommend anyone who I did not trust with my own loved one. By the way, all of us are fingerprinted and DoJ & FBI background cleared. Make sure anyone you hire has this done before allowing them into your home, much less caring for your loved one!